Behold the Omelet

Red bell pepper, green onion and feta omelet

To celebrate day 4 of 30 days without groceries, I decided to whip up an omelet. I am more than fortunate to have access to a veggie garden while undertaking this 30 day challenge. A short walk outback yielded some beautiful green onions. I had a red bell pepper in the fridge and some feta, two of my favorite omelet ingredients. Ten minutes later, I had a beautiful and tasty breakfast in front of me!

On my trip to the garden I also checked out my plantings from last week and I am so happy to see that everything is coming up…edamame, cucumbers, zucchini, yellow squash, burgundy okra and green okra. The tomato, eggplant and pepper plants are coming along nicely as well as the annual herbs…basil, parsley and Thai basil. I also have kale, chard, onions and sugar snap peas from my early spring planting and I am looking forward to including more of those in the meals to come.

Til’ then…


One thought on “Behold the Omelet

  1. You’re making me hungry. I don’t have any of that good stuff in MY pantry. Just wilted garlic. And old soup. rancid canola oil. Well… I’m not hungry anymore.

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