Sonoran Hot Dogs…YUM!

Being the foodie that I am, and considering how much time I spend scanning the web for recipes and watching cooking shows, how is it that I have never heard of the Sonoran Hot Dog?

It is a hot dog…wrapped in bacon…then grilled! Let me repeat that: a hot dog…wrapped in bacon…grilled!!! Oh my god! That’s ingenious. I was introduced to these little packages from heaven by some dear friends yesterday evening. The dogs were skewered for ease of grilling and then I was given my choice of the traditional bun or, their twist on the famous dog, Naan bread. I opted for the naan. The bacon wrapped dog was slathered in freshly made, creamy pinto beans, some heavy cream, guacamole, green onions, cheese and salsa.

The balance of meat to bread was perfect, and the oozing toppings was just pure ecstasy!

From my online research, it seems the bacon wrapped dog originated out of Mexico City and has many incarnations throughout the American southwest. The Sonoran hot dog is specific to the Tucson area, Phoenix and Sonora, Mexico. I didn’t snap a photo of my delicious dog (it was gone too fast) but check out online images if you are curious. And while I don’t present a recipe here, just grab your favorite hot dog, wrap it in bacon, grill it, put it in a bun and add your favorite Mexican toppings, you really can’t go wrong.

Til’ next time…


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