Red Robin is not a Rockin’ Robin

Royal Red Robin Burger (image from the Red Robin website)

Royal Red Robin Burger (image from the Red Robin website)

Tonight I was invited out for another birthday dinner with a dear friend and her two kids. The venue…Red Robin. I was excited to go there as I have never been to one. I’ve heard good reviews from various folks and wanted to try it out. Well, I wouldn’t say it was bad, nor would I say it was good enough that I would go back.

I think I could have had just as good of a burger had it been a Whopper from the BK Lounge. It would have also been half the price. For some reason I had envisioned a hand patted burger served with a side of freshly cut, crispy fries with the peel left on. Instead, I got this formed piece of something (I don’t even want to think about the possibility of pink slime) and these Texas sized steak fries. The burger looked like a frozen veggie patty instead of a beef burger and the fries looked like something out of a bag in the frozen section at the grocery.

Once again, not bad, but not great. According to their website, they are constantly winning Best Burger awards for this and that. Not sure who is doing the voting. I am definitely not a “go to” person for restaurant chain food as I rarely visit any chain joints. I’ve never even been to an Outback! Location is not the issue; I just figure that I can prepare better food at home for less than half the price, and I know what’s in it.

So the best part of the evening was catching up with a friend and laughing a lot with the kids. I would definitely go back to Red Robin for that!

Til’ next time…


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