Rice Bowl…Western Style

Mexican Style Rice Bowl

Mexican Style Rice Bowl

After a long day of yard work, I was way too tired to whip up anything fresh from the garden. I did manage to go out and pull a few onions and snip some fresh cilantro; perfect accompaniments to rice, beans and eggs for my favorite western style rice bowl. I should probably just call it a Mexican style rice bowl since that encompasses the ingredients.

Once again, a quick and easy dish when you are in a pinch. I opened a can of pinto beans, set them to heating and added a little cumin, onion powder and garlic powder. While those were warming up, I sliced up a jalapeno, the onions and cilantro. Now, in my opinion, the best part of this dish is a couple of eggs cooked over medium. Here they are just basking in olive oil in a cast iron skillet.

Over Medium Eggs

Over Medium Eggs

While the eggs were cooking I placed rice in the bottom of the bowl, added beans to the middle and then side dressed with the onions and jalapeno. Once the eggs were cooked I slid those onto the side of the bowl, added chipotle salsa, queso fresco and the cilantro then sat down to enjoy a delectable Mexican rice bowl! Delish!!!

Still not making huge strides with emptying the pantry, but every meal takes just a little more of it away.

Til’ next time…


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