Day 27 without Groceries…

Only three days left!!!! Woohooooo!!!! Just last week I was thinking I could go longer than 30 days without groceries, but alas, due to a lack of garlic and cooking onions, I have to go to the grocery. It seems almost every thing I cook starts with “chop an onion” or “mince a clove of garlic”. I can do without things like milk or cheese, and I can bake my own bread, but I absolutely cannot do without garlic and onions.

This has been an interesting experiment but I have not made nearly the progress I was hoping for as far as clearing out the pantry. There are still a lot of canned goods that need to be used. I think I will buy just necessities for the next month to try to use up more of the pantry items. One of the nicest things about these last few weeks has been not having to actually go to the grocery. It was quite liberating. No grocery list making, no wondering if there’s milk or bread at home, no dragging groceries in to put away. How nice!!!

In a few days I will be somewhat back to normal as far as grocery shopping goes. But hopefully I will have the discipline to not overstock the pantry and freezer. I’m so interested in food and cooking though, I doubt I will have much success at limiting my pantry.

Til’ next time…


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