About Me and My Blog

Perfecting the Pantry is an adventure into cooking using the ingredients I have on hand. Whatever is in the pantry, including the freezer and fridge, are fair game to create delicious, homemade meals. In addition, I am fortunate to have access to fresh eggs from my backyard flock of chickens and a flow of organically grown veggies from the garden.

Although the focus will be on the pantry, I am looking forward to sharing some of the daily pleasures and challenges I experience here on the homestead. I bought this place in 2006 and immediately started to transform it into my own little piece of paradise in Chatham County, NC. I’ve added chickens, an organic vegetable garden, black and blue berry bushes and several fruit trees. The herb garden is starting to find it’s footing by the gold fish pond and having just completed bee keeping school, I am looking forward to adding honey bees soon.

While I love everything about my gardens and chickens, my true passion is cooking! My love of cooking, especially for others, is what inspired me to create a large vegetable garden. And not only do I cook the garden bounty, I also share it with friends and family.

So join me as we journey into (and out of) the pantry to create wonderful food and learn to perfect our pantry along the way.

Bon appetit!


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